Wednesday, 2 November 2011

An Afternoon in the Country!

We just returned from a week long vacation in Saint Lucia and it was amazing (not trying to brag). The island is beautiful flanked on either side by the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans which are absolutely breathtaking. We spent the week exploring and relaxing. Now why am I telling you all of this? 
While we were exploring the island and relaxing I realized that I haven’t really spent the time exploring this beautiful province (Ontario) that I live in. So I came up with an idea. Why not create a day where Torontonians can explore more of beautiful Ontario. Now I am not suggesting you take a week off to explore the province - because let’s get real we all have to work. But I am suggesting an afternoon in the country. Why not grab your family and friends and spend the day in nature?
So here is what I am thinking - a day at a beautiful, 100 acres farm. Spend the day riding horses, and remember why Ontario in November is so amazing. Escape the city for the day and take a moment to relax and breath in the fresh air the country has to offer. Only 45 minutes outside of Toronto. 
Let me know if you are interested in spending an afternoon in the country with family and friends. Contact me at for more information. 

Do somthing for yourself! :) You all deserve it. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Testimonials from Jen and Adam's Wedding

Big thank you's to the lovely @BecauseUSaidSo for all her running around and help at yesterday's wedding! This girl rocks at planning!! 
~ Christian Reid, Photographer 

What an absolutley epic wedding @JenVivian. Never had so much fun. Amazing work @CreidPhoto and @BecauseUSaidSo 
~ Cameron Ward, Award Design 

Jen and Adam's wedding was incredibly special... meaningful, fun and wonderfully creative. Wow did you guys ever set the bar high. Cameron Ward, outstanding; Brooke Milne, superb. 
~ Bonnie Druxerman, Friend of Bride and Groom 

Cameron Ward and Brooke Milne are my lifesavers!!!! Thank you thank you thank for your help with the assembly of VILO! 
~ Jen Vivian, Bride 

Brooke was a STAR this weekend!! Everyone was asking who my planner was because she was doing such an AMAZING job! She enabled us to enjoy our special day without having to worry about anything! 
~ Jen and Adam Lowe, Bride and Groom 

Jen and Adam Lowe's Wedding

Jen and Adam Lowe were married 08.13.11 in front of their family and friends at the beautiful Hockley Valley Resort. It was there at Hockley that Jen and Adam met many years ago - it is where they first learned about their mutual love of snowboarding. Unknown to them at the time, their love for each other would blossom as they both continued to pursue their love for snowboarding. 
So naturally when it came time to choose a theme for their wedding, Jen and Adam knew instantly that it must involve snowboarding somehow. It began with the way Adam proposed on a snowboard - right on the hill. Written across the hill was “Jen V Marry Me?” as Adam snowboarded down to a tearful but happy Jen. 

The theme continued as Jen and Adam spent an intimate day at the hill on their boards for their engagement shoot. Christine Reid Photography spent the day at Caledon Ski Club with Jen and Adam as they stole moments and showed off their skills during a beautiful winter day. 

Guests were sent ski lift tickets as save the date cards created by a good friend of the couple; Cameron Ward, owner of Award Design. Following up with invitations that gave more detail and showed more of Cam’s creative talents. 
A unique touch that guests are still talking about were the snowboarding magazine themed itineraries (another of Cam’s creations) created for the couple on their special day. Filled with stories written by the couple, letters from friends and family and photos from their engagement shoot, the magazines were an ingenious way to provide the guests with details of their special day . Designed after snowboarding magazines; VILO (a combination of the couple’s last names.. Vivian and Lowe) was a special wedding addition! 

Once the wedding formalities were complete, friends and family walked to their tables and were greeted with individual, personalized “ski names” designed to look like ski signs. Taking a twist on the table numbers, each table was named after a ski hill or ski resort; like Caledon and Whistler. 

Seating Chart

All in all their wedding day was perfect, complete with a cake made by Ayoma Cakes, including a personalized, unique cake topper. Created to mimic Jen and Adam on a ski lift in their wedding attire. 

Jen and Adam proved that true love is out there and that a wedding day is meant to be about the couple’s true passions. Jen and Adam combined their love for snowboarding and each other - and with the help of those who matter most to them created the perfect day. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Welcome to our blog!

Hello Everybody! We are very excited to announce that we are launching our website today! Take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think. Check back once a month for blog posts about us, our events and anything else we find interesting! 
Great to meet you!!
Brooke and Cathy.