Monday, 17 October 2011

Testimonials from Jen and Adam's Wedding

Big thank you's to the lovely @BecauseUSaidSo for all her running around and help at yesterday's wedding! This girl rocks at planning!! 
~ Christian Reid, Photographer 

What an absolutley epic wedding @JenVivian. Never had so much fun. Amazing work @CreidPhoto and @BecauseUSaidSo 
~ Cameron Ward, Award Design 

Jen and Adam's wedding was incredibly special... meaningful, fun and wonderfully creative. Wow did you guys ever set the bar high. Cameron Ward, outstanding; Brooke Milne, superb. 
~ Bonnie Druxerman, Friend of Bride and Groom 

Cameron Ward and Brooke Milne are my lifesavers!!!! Thank you thank you thank for your help with the assembly of VILO! 
~ Jen Vivian, Bride 

Brooke was a STAR this weekend!! Everyone was asking who my planner was because she was doing such an AMAZING job! She enabled us to enjoy our special day without having to worry about anything! 
~ Jen and Adam Lowe, Bride and Groom 

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